Sunday, 28 November 2010

Multi-cultural Mass in Canterbury

On Sunday 22nd November, all attended Mass for the Feast of Christ the King at the Franciscan Study Centre, at which Stephen King OFM Conv was the main celebrant. Fr. Stephen preached about the universal reign of Christ transcending all national and cultural boundaries. The students planned and led the liturgy, featuring a new banner above the altar and international music and dance.
Below: Offertory dance up the aisle...
...and back down again
From left: Srs. Consolata, Annette and Clarina, Br. Martin, Innocentia.
Innocentia, wearing her national costume, helped to lead the music with singing and drumming. At the entrance and offertory processions, students from many countries participated in dancing African-style.
Willie enjoyed attending this special Mass and meeting the students and many of his old friends.
Below: Wille with Consolata, Uju and Innocentia.