Wednesday, 7 October 2015

First profession of vows in Mysore, India

On 13th April 2015. Sister Deepa Thomas FMSL made first profession of vows during Mass at St. Francis Convent, Mysore.  Mass was celebrated by Fr. Desmond Rebello OFM Cap.  Sister Deepa's Aunt, Sr. Agnes DC came to celebrated with her.  Sisters from nearby communities also came as witnesses. Sr. Clare Bernadette FMSL attended from England on behalf of Mother General.

Above centre: Sr. Deepa FMSL, left: Sr. Agnes DC, right: Sr. Anne Joseph FMSL - Sr. Deepa's Formator and Community Leader.

We wish Sr. Deepa every grace and blessing for the future as a professed FMSL.
FMSL Constitutions:
'106 The temporary Profession will:
A        Oblige the Sister to observe poverty, chastity and obedience under vow.
B        Bind her to the Congregation with the obligation of observing the Rule and Constitutions and other regulations of the Congregation.
107 The spiritual and apostolic formation and professional training of the Sister will continue throughout her period of temporary profession so that she will be prepared and equipped to live her consecrated life in perpetual Profession.
107 During this period she may become involved in specific works and be given the opportunity to study for the work she is capable of undertaking in accordance with the apostolate and spirit of the Congregation.
108 Temporary Professed Sisters should not be assigned to offices or work which impede their formation during the period of temporary Profession.
109 This on-going formation of the temporary Professed Sister will include:
A Deepening of prayer life through study and practice which will lead each individual Sister to assume personal responsibility for her life of contemplation.
B A daily reflection of the Word of God which will enable her to live her spiritual life more profoundly.'
 Duration of temporary profession
From Directives 6.30:
‘Each year the Sister shall make a written request to renew her vows.’
112 Temporary profession will normally last for at least five years.  After five years the Sister should request to make final Profession unless she herself or Mother general and her Council consider that a further year is desirable.  However, a Sister may apply to make final Profession after three years as permitted by Canon 658.’