Monday, 19 May 2014

Canterbury SVP

Sr. Rose with Canterbury SVP group

In January I joined the SVP conference based at the parish of St Thomas.
It is great to belong to a group of open, friendly, like-minded Christians who want to live their faith in action.
When I left St Anthony's, Bradford, I had just started to make visits with their newly reformed SVP. This meant that I was already “on the books” SVP-wise, so to speak, and could get involved in Canterbury immediately.
Each week I attend a meeting upstairs in the church premises at 7pm. I have made one or two visits a week since joining. I helped at the recruitment drive for new members at the 8am Mass in town recently, and also attended a regional meeting held at FISC. When Fr Valentine is unable to attend our meetings, the group calls on me to provide a spiritual reading.

The work of the SVP, helping people in any sort of need, is very well-known. Some of our sisters ( for example Sr Raphael RIP ) were active in the organization in former years. I am happy to be following in their footsteps.

by Sr. Rose