Monday, 8 August 2011

Diaconate Ordination 6th August 2011

On the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, Sister Innocentia from the Canterbury community attended the Diaconate ordination of one of their Franciscan brothers, Martin Mikuskiewicz. It took place at the Capuchin friary in a beautiful church of Our Lady of the Angels in Erith.

It was a lovely ceremony that was celebrated by one of the auxiliary bishops, Pat Lynch.

Martin's parents and his elder brother came over from Poland. Many friends from his Mum's parish in London and friends from his former community in Oxford were all there.

The African sisters who were his fellow students at the Franciscan Study Centre did an African offertory dance. Some made it more interesting by showing some African way of dancing while carrying their offertory on their heads.

After the Mass, there was a nice buffet with cooked meals and finger food. There were many other Franciscan brothers present too.
Thanks to wonderful Merlyn and John her husband who drove us down and provided the bread and grapes for the offertory. We all enjoyed the evening and we continue to pray for Bro. Martin in his service to the people of God.
by Sr. Innocentia