Saturday, 14 November 2015

Preparing for ministry in healthcare

In the summer of 2014, Sr. Attracta began part-time work as a volunteer in the wards of Kent and Canterbury hospital.  While applying for a degree in adult nursing at Brighton University, it was an opportunity to experience the daily routines and hectic pace on the ward, to learn how some medical equipment is used and see good caring professional nurses in action.  

Sr. Attracta just returned from a shift as a hospital volunteer

In 2014, Sr. Attracta also followed a course for training hospital chaplains at K & C hospital.   This involved learning the theory of ministry in healthcare chaplaincy and also praying with the ecumenical chaplaincy team and accompanying chaplains on ward rounds.  At the end of July 2014, Sr. Attracta completed the training course and received her certificate with the other new chaplains in a ceremony at the Franciscan Study Centre.

Sr. Attracta (right) among the newly-qualified hospital chaplains at the graduation ceremony

Our prayers and support are with Sr. Attracta as she moves to our Burgess Hill community to pursue nursing studies at Brighton.

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