Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sister Susan Graduates from Franciscan Formators' Programme

Sister Susan FMSL graduated at the end of March 2015 from a six-month programme of studies at the Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury.  She was presented with her Certificate in Franciscan Formation together with co-student Vernon OFM.  Our congratulations to both of them.  Sr. Susan is currently the Formator for Postulancy in the FMSL Community in Canterbury.
Sister Susan is shown here with Br. Vernon (centre) and fellow students Brothers Damian and Ronan OFM, who are continuing their Franciscan Studies at the FISC.
The role of the Formator of Postulants brings responsibility for arranging and co-ordinating the programme of training for women who have come to live with us and discern their vocation to our way of life.  
ROLE OF FORMATOR (Pre-Postulancy and Postulancy)
To journey with the person, to help her develop her faith and discern her religious calling.
 ‘The Formator of pre-Novitiate candidates will have the principal responsibility for their guidance and direction.’ (Constitutions n. 83)
The Sister who is appointed as Formator of Postulancy will have the following duties and responsibilities:
To liaise with:
· The Sister who journeyed with the person in pre-postulancy
· The community in the house
· The Formation Team
· Mother General and Council
To co-ordinate the Postulancy programme and timetable.
To accompany, teach, guide, encourage, listen to and pray for the postulant
To pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for herself as she undertakes this responsibility
To facilitate communication with other groups, eg. faith-sharing groups, study groups, peer groups
To invite the postulant to write to Mother General and Council three months prior to admission to the Novitiate as per Dir. 6.13.
To be responsible for collating the reports which will allow the postulant to move on to the next stage.
On 2nd February 2015, Marcellina and Patricia were received as Postulants in Canterbury by Sr. Susan and Sr. Clare Bernadette.  This happened during Evening Prayer in the Convent chapel.  Congratulations to Patricia and Marcellina and to Sr. Susan, who will  accompany them through this stage of discernment.
Marcellina and Patricia (centre) at their reception into Postulancy with Srs. Susan and Clare Bernadette.  We thank God for the gift of these new postulants and their director, assuring them of our prayers and asking you to remember them in yours.

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